Scalp boils causes and treatment

What are the main causes of boils on scalp?

How can we get rid of scalp boils?

What is the prominent treatment for boils on the scalp?

The boils are the skin infection in the follicles of the hair that is caused by a bacterium names as Staphylococcus aureus that is contagious in nature. The main symptoms by which you can diagnose the boils are redness and tenderness around the infected areas, severe pain in the hair follicles, pus-filled bump etc.

There causes of boils on scalp are divided into two categories that infectious and non infectious.

  1. Non infectious folliculitis crop up due to oil and grease. When they applied on the skin they block the follicles of the hair and cause boils on scalp.
  2. Infectious folliculitis develops due to damage of follicles of the hair by friction or any injury. The damaged hair follicles are attack by a number of micro-organism which leads to the infection called folliculitis.

Some of the major cause of boils on scalp is hormone and stress. Less immunity can also cause scalp boils. People with diabetes have more chance to get boils because of less immunity.

This is very necessary for you to know the causes of boils on scalp by which you will be able to take the accurate step to stop the infection that leads boils on scalp. There are a number of treatments for Boils on Scalp that can stop the infection like medical treatment, herbal treatment and homemade treatment. You can prefer any treatment for the boils on scalp. Take an example of herbal treatment that is very safe. You can apply a mixture of Olive oil, Lavender oil and tea tree oil on your scalp to get rid of boils.

If you have got severe painful bumps on the scalp then you should consult a dermatologist for the perfect treatment. Hence it is very necessary to have a correct treatment of boils because if you left it untreatable then you might get skin cancer.

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