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How can Boils on scalp be treated?

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Do you want to get some tips of home remedies for Boils on scalp?

Boils are the common skin infection that is caused by acne bacteria, viral infection, contact dermatitis, Folliculitis, cyst etc. Boils are categorized in different types according to the nature of formation and the location. The boils on scalp are furuncles that develop because of infection in hair follicles.

The bacteria named Staphylococcus aureus that cause boils are contagious in nature that is generally found in the dirt. Due to exposure in dust and dirt, the hair gets clogged with foreign particles that cause development of boils. There are diferent causes of Boils on Scalp with which you can get familiar with the given points.


Some general causes of Scalp Boils:

  • Excessive perspiration can cause boils on scalp.
  • Damage of skin texture might cause the boils.
  • Excessive exposure of the scalp to the friction also results boils on scalp.
  • A cut or would on the scalp that is not treated properly can also cause boils.

There are various methods of treatment for boils on scalp are available today such as medical treatment and herbal treatment. But the home remedies for boils on scalp are easy and simple way to revitalize your hair. It treats your boils effectively without a long expenditure. This treatment is really cost saving and eventually very easy.

You can apply a paste of cornmeal on your boils. You can also use a warm cup as a suction pump to make a head of boils for leaking out the pus. You can also apply the bacon that is rolled with salt with the help of cloth to heal your boils rapidly. Coconut oil is also a wonderful treatment of itching. You can also use a mixture of alum and lemon juice for the treatment of this itchy pimple. You can use a mixture of tea tree oil, lavender oil and olive oil as a shampoo that effects boils and definitely reduces the infection.

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